Softball Instruction

In our softball program we are pleased to use the Tincher Pitching Fluid Dynamics Program.  Our program has the only Certified Instructor in the Central VA Area.  In addition we also leverage and use the theories of Dr. Chris Yeager and Ron Wolford to teach the Kinetic Chain for hitting


Chris Cauthorne is a Pro-Staff Certified Instructor for Tincher Pitching Fluid Dynamics Program and currently works with girls 10U through college in North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland and Delaware.  The Tincher Pitching Fluid Dynamics program is so successful that currently we have more than 80 girls with NCAA Division I commitments within a 20 month period.  Chris is also one of the few certified Kinetic Chain hitting instructor in the area.  There are many instructors who claim to know how to teach this form of hitting but have not learned the proper techniques taught by people like Ron Wolforth or Dr Chris Yeager, founders of the Kinetic Chain theory.

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